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The future of wind energy: The Vortex


Featured image is from, I own no rights to it. 

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I love wind energy. I love everything about it. I love that it’s taking something that is easily available and using it to produce energy- and it’s super powerful. With wind energy you’re not digging anything up, it’s the definition of clean.

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You must be made of copper and tellurium: the Polymet Mine Proposal


Featured image is from the Star Tribune. I own no rights to it. 

In January, the U.S. Forest Service signed off on a proposed land swap with PolyMet Mining. The deal exchanges 6,650 acres of private land from Polymet to become part of the Superior National Forest in Duluth, Minnesota with federal land of the same amount that covers the mineral deposit PolyMet already controls.

What seems like a simple exchange has been met with an uproar from Minnesota citizens.

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Football player’s story inspires writing effort


This story was originally published in The Sylva Herald and then reposted onto The Western Carolina Journalist

Sandra McMahan, the mother of two members of the Mountain Faith band and wife of another, has always had a passion for children.

After Mountain Faith garnered new found fame from America’s Got Talent, McMahan decided it would be a great opportunity to use the band’s popularity to encourage children across the community to get interested in creative writing.

More than money: financial planning students’ journey to national conference


This article was originally published to the Western Carolina Journalist

© LILA PHOTO for TD Ameritrade

For Garrett Chmiola and Emily Ranson, WCU students, financial planning is more than a good job: it’s a way to help people in troubling times.

“I want to go into financial planning because I love people. I want to have my own clients for my own firm that I am able to get personal with and be able to develop a bond and trustworthiness from them.  To me that means a lot more than the money,” said Chmiola.