42 Wallaby Way, Sydney: It’s time to do something about the coral reefs


Featured image is from National Geographic and info-graphic is from NOAA, I own no rights to them. 

Most of us have heard that the coral reefs are in trouble, but no one seems to really know why.

It’s because of bleaching.

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You must be made of copper and tellurium: the Polymet Mine Proposal

Featured image is from the Star Tribune. I own no rights to it. 

In January, the U.S. Forest Service signed off on a proposed land swap with PolyMet Mining. The deal exchanges 6,650 acres of private land from Polymet to become part of the Superior National Forest in Duluth, Minnesota with federal land of the same amount that covers the mineral deposit PolyMet already controls.

What seems like a simple exchange has been met with an uproar from Minnesota citizens.

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The Water Bottle Conspiracy

This week I want to talk about what I think is one of the biggest ripoffs in our world’s history- bottled water. The New York Times recently published a story on how big of an impact a single person has on the environment by choosing either bottled or tap water.

The consensus is to pretty much always use tap water. 1,500 plastic water bottles are consumed EVERY SECOND. …..3,000 were consumed by the time you finished that last sentence.

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The Lowdown on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo taken from CNN.com. I own no rights to it. 

So it’s all over the news today, the U.S. just granted the final permit to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. You may or may not have heard about it over the past year or so- and I’m guessing you probably have. So, you have questions like…”Well, what the heck is the Dakota Access Pipeline, is it bad for the environment, and why is everyone so upset about it?”

Lucky for you… I sort of have some answers.

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It’s Trump vs. The World

The physical earth that is. Since President Trump took office on January 20th, he has taken the country by storm. He has signed 17 executive orders so far. So far, not all of them are controversial, some are even good ideas. Like the one that instructs agencies to abolish two other regulations when introducing a new one. Or the one where he directs the Secretary of Defense to draw up a plan within 30 days to defeat ISIS. A few, like the travel ban and suspension of the refugee program, have divided the country.

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WCU continues to grow as one of the leading NC universities in sustainability

20161207_095018Story was co-written/ produced with Mat Ober and originally published on the Western Carolina Journalist.

What do hog farms, biofuels, recycling bins, and Energy Star certifications have in common? They’re all a part of the sustainability efforts on the WCU campus.

Environmental sustainability is the ability for resources to be sustained or supported. By becoming a sustainable campus, students and faculty at WCU are doing their best to not be harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources.